sprite37 replied to your post: why does it incense fanboys that people (women)…

I respect your opinion about Dragon’s Crown, but I answer the question with a question by saying “Why can’t women have large breasts in video games?”

i’ll try and answer this best i can, but i am not a very good debater/wordsmith. 

first of all, you’re committing a logical fallacy with your question. called ‘tu cocque’. or a question/argument  ”commonly employed as an effective red herring because it takes the heat off someone having to defend their argument, and instead shifts the focus back on to the person making the criticism”.

the problem with the women in Dragon’s Crown having gigantic breasts and ass (i.e. over the top sexualization) is that there is literally no reason for it than for the titillation of straight males. i’ve seen people defend the Witch by saying that her figure is a callback to the old “fertility symbol”s. 

ah yes.

furthermore, the thing of it is, is that is this the most common depiction of women in …….everything. as sex symbol. as a warm body. just that, nothing more. you notice how tiny the heads are on the Dragon’s Crown characters? it’s because their faces don’t fucking matter. 

furthermore, the thing of it is, is it’s not just video games. video games are but a blip on the fucking radar, a speck of dust in the microcosm of bullshit that one born with a female body has to deal with on a daily basis. if you think i’m exaggerating, ask any woman. your mom, your aunt, your girlfriend, your friend. they will agree with me. 

so…..video games. when you sit down to enjoy a piece of media, you don’t want to be reminded that the game industry thinks of its female characters as a set of secondary sexual characteristics. because, you see, everyone else does. in real life. 

i’ve told men before that being born a woman equips you with a tool called “how to deal with everyone’s fucking bullshit for the rest of your life”. a large part of being a woman is to sit down and shut up. or, it has been for a long time. 

that’s what the fanboys are telling us. again. and again and again. Sit Down and Shut Up. your opinion doesn’t matter. you’re just girls. these games AREN’T FOR YOU. well, when you make up over half of the world’s population, and the majority of media ISN’T FOR YOU, you get a little tired of it. 

hm. i hope i explained myself adequately. thanks for the question :) 

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